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Theron and Fassbender's Impersonations 03:22
Best of Jack Nicholson 03:30

Best of Jack Nicholson

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Clooney: 'Being in a Trailer Is Not Fun' 03:35
The Actors Defend Sequels 01:19

The Actors Defend Sequels

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Oscar Roundtable: Clooney's Worst Job 02:19
Oscar Roundtable 2012: Erotic Memories 03:27
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Drinking with Hanson

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Lil' Wayne: Syrup Stories 01:52

Lil' Wayne: Syrup Stories

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Anderson Cooper's Most Dramatic Moments 02:57
How to Live in a Tiny Apartment 02:15

How to Live in a Tiny Apartment

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Clooney Defends Being Called a Sellout 01:49
Davis: 'I Was Terrified of Meryl Streep' 04:50
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