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TWICE「Breakthrough」Music Video 03:38
TWICE「HAPPY HAPPY」Music Video 03:27
TWICE「BRAND NEW GIRL」Music Video 03:52
TWICE「Be as ONE」Document Video 04:56

TWICE「Be as ONE」Document Video

4.1M Views 9 Months ago
TWICE「Candy Pop」Dance Practice ver. 03:19
TWICE「I WANT YOU BACK」Music Video 03:54
TWICE「Wake Me Up」Music Video 04:00

TWICE「Wake Me Up」Music Video

43.9M Views 1 Years ago
TWICE「BDZ」Music Video 06:14

TWICE「BDZ」Music Video

38.5M Views 10 Months ago
TWICE JAPAN DEBUT 1周年 感謝コメント 01:32
TWICE「Candy Pop」Music Video 04:25

TWICE「Candy Pop」Music Video

102.4M Views 1 Years ago
TWICE『#TWICE2』Information Video 02:24

TWICE『#TWICE2』Information Video

558.1K Views 4 Months ago
TWICE「TT -Japanese ver.-」Music Video 04:11
TWICE「One More Time」Music Video 03:02
「TWICE LOVELYS」introduction 01:21

「TWICE LOVELYS」introduction

759K Views 4 Months ago
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