Ghost In The Shell (1995) - Major vs Tank 60fps FI - sub ESP & ENG


One of the movies that kickstarted anime as a cultural phenomena, showing that animation was not necessarily for kids, with incredible handcrafted production value, achieved by Production I.G and awesome Oshii Mamoru. This whole film is just breathtaking and it holds up incredibly well today.

By popular demand of the channel fans, I bring you the tank fight, using new artifact masking techniques.


Make sure to watch it at least on 720p quality as it is rendered with SVP frame interpolation to achieve 60fps. Due to this, there are some minor graphical glitches.

This is my educational attempt in order to make the format more popular, which in my opinion works great in a lot of media, being anime one of the main ones.

I subtitled it in rioplatense Spanish and English, I hope you like it.
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