10 Animated Movie Characters That Died On Screen

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Animated films are great for children to learn life lessons. Unfortunately, sometimes these life lessons involve death. While it's common for animated films to allude to death and have a character die off screen, some of them pushed the limits by showcasing a character die on screen.

In the film Tangled, Rapunzel's adoptive mother and kidnapper stays eternally young until the magical powers go away and she withers away in front of our eyes. Monster House features a pretty horrific backstory including carnival side-show act that falls to her death and gets buried alive in cement. The straight-to-DVD film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights features a pretty disturbing death involving a decapitation. Tarzan's great jungle adventure reaches a dramatic finale when Clayton gets tangled up in the wrong vine and is literally hung to death. The Land Before Time features a dramatic scene where Little Foot learns some tough lessons on life and death as his mother passes away. The death of an insect may seem like nothing until you see it happen to poor Ray in The Princess and the Frog and Charlotte in Charlotte's Web. Inside Out showcased a terrible death to a character that has deeper meaning than anyone can imagine. The Black Cauldron took animated deaths to a whole new level as the Horned King was burned alive. The Lion King features the tragic death of Mufasa at the hands of Scar and it still haunts us to this day. Watch to see how all of these deaths played out on screen!

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