【Hanatan / 花たん】 Bamboo Leaf Boat 笹舟 PV 【Flower✿Drops】

Link https://clipready.com/video/ai1LwRFOKpg
Hanatan's Bamboo Leaf Boat from her Flower✿Drops album finally got a PV! The title is referring to a boat that's made with bamboo leaves. No it is not a real boat that you can ride on. It's actually a tiny toy boat made with 2-5 bamboo leaves. According to Hanatan, her album will be released on June 29 2011.

album website: http://d-me.jp/dmarts/flowerdrops/

Vocals by YURiCa / Hanatan (ユリカ / 花たん) (twitter. cordelia_YURiCa) http://hanathan-niconico.seesaa.net/
Lyric and Music by doriko http://unformed.cc
Arangement by F☆T
Illustration by もか web. http://moka.ho-zuki.com
Movie and Web Design by ゆずる (twitter. yuzuru_Sayus) http://sayus.jp/

mp3: http://nicosound.anyap.info/sound/sm14840366

Nico source: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm14840366
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